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Can a system work for a business?

Absolutely! Intentions, goals and systems work well for business. In fact, they provide a scaling power that builds culture for young upstarts as much as a change in culture at established companies. It powers a company’s values with objectivity. Finally, it gives leadership and founders the ability to know that their teams are making the same decisions they would make even when they are not in the room with them.

But, it requires work, commitment and communication just like with your personal journey but more because you are not influencing yourself, but others on your teams. I wrote a post about using a system for businesses on another site. Here’s the link.

  • Simplicity almost always beats complexity so try to simplify your thinking – just don’t oversimplify it.
  • Focus on what matters most (to your vision for your business) and do fewer things better – effectiveness over efficiency. Simplify.
  • Respond and innovate faster driven by purpose around these few things that matter – agility over productivity. Simplify.
  • Use data, not anecdote to make decisions. It’s within your reach, even when it’s not perfect. Simplify.
  • A system based on fact and focus will help your team make good decisions when you’re miles away (build culture and drive systematic change). Simplify it for them.

Coincidentally, this idea of focus gains importance every time there is talk of recession. The good news is that we generally come out having learned something and those internalized learnings help us grow smarter when the next boom cycle comes.

What was most helpful for you in this post? Let me know in the comments. Share it with your friends and acquaintances that are trying to figure out how to manage through uncertainty in their business.

Take care and be safe!

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