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Being Intentional Starts with YOU!

Your journey to your aspiration will take you through Purpose, Motivation, Mastery, Joy

You are ready to embark on an epic journey. A journey toward achieving an intention that you’ve long nurtured, unconsciously gathering the skills but never fully committed to. Today that changes, we are going to take an intentional step forward to embark on this adventure.

Finding Purpose

The first step is to confirm the purpose – what is it and why do we want to achieve it. Too often this is fuzzy because we’re mixing up purpose with plan but the plan never defines the purpose and being tied to it limits the possibilities so write down your limitless WHAT and WHY.

Uncover Motivation

Think deeply about the WHY. You will find it within your experiences – a thoughtful WHY; a WHY that is bigger than a reason to ace that interview tomorrow or to get that promotion or degree. Those achievements are enablers or possible goals. You are capable of achieving something bigger and your WHY is unique to you. That WHY will motivate you on good days and bad.

Build a plan; seek advice

Now that we’ve uncovered our motivation, use that energy and creativity to build your plan. It doesn’t have to be a perfect plan. Like any adventure, your future is somewhat unknown and that’s exciting and daunting and filled with learning. And just like you, probably, wouldn’t set out on an adventure without some research and advice, your plan will contain a list of the assumptions about the conditions (clear skies, calm waters, a sturdy boat) and the skills you will need (sailing, swimming, hiking, reading a map) to make progress. You will prioritize those assumptions and skills, crafting short term goals and seeking advice from those that have gone before. This is your HOW.

Develop Mastery

Now it’s time for you to strike out towards your goal. Let your plan meet the real world. Don’t wait for the perfect plan and the perfect day. Take the first step and be present in your journey.

If you’re testing an assumption, look for more than one measurement. Don’t be blind to your biases. Similarly, if you’re building a skill, don’t just try once but focus on practicing till you get consistent. Look for learning in every practice.

Experience your journey fully – the cloudy days, not just the sunny days. This is easier said than done and it can be achieved only through your own practice.

Find Joy

You’ve achieved your first practice or your first goal! Celebrate before you do anything else. The celebration is not just because you finished something but because you started something, because you experienced the journey…

Don’t tie your celebration to just success or failure. Find more reasons to celebrate. More reasons to find joy.

Reflect; measure what matters.

Reflect on your journey and measure what really matters – how many times did your assumptions work out? How many attempts did it take to achieve consistency with the skill you were trying to develop? How many times did you come back to the starting line after not finishing?

It’s easy to recall the negatives – the days things didn’t work out, the stress or nervousness at the start or along the way. It’s easy to recall the grand victories too but pay attention to the times that those negative feelings passed away to positive ones. You did that, that’s resilience. Celebrate it and develop it.

Level complete. Go to next level.

You are ready for the next level. To repeat this virtuous growth cycle of Purpose, Motivation, Mastery, Joy. You’ve learned a bit more about yourself so you can evaluate your What, Why and How in a more mindful, intentional manner.

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