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  • Being Intentional Starts with YOU!

    The foundations of Purpose, Motivation, Mastery, Joy

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  • What does our irrationality teach us

    As I read Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, I found his ideas not only enlightening to understand my own predictable irrationality but also to think through ideas on motivation and change management for our teams. 1️⃣ Context matters – we find it hard to understand things in absolute terms so explain value in relative terms…

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  • Can a system work for a business?

    Absolutely! Intentions, goals and systems work well for business. In fact, they provide a scaling power that builds culture for young upstarts as much as a change in culture at established companies. It powers a company’s values with objectivity. Finally, it gives leadership and founders the ability to know that their teams are making the…

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  • .. but what if I fail at my goal. Say Hakuna Matata.

    Another common question, we encounter is: What if I commit to my goal and I don’t achieve it? This worry is also not related to a system but rather, aimed squarely at the goal. So, first, let’s be pragmatic and accept that this is totally possible. Yes, you may not achieve your goal and that’s…

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