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  • Being Intentional Starts with YOU!

    The foundations of Purpose, Motivation, Mastery, Joy

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  • How being present can help us get better

    Last week, my 6 year old son went back to his swim lessons after his holiday break. He was very excited about getting back in the pool as were his class mates. You could tell the kids were happy to see each other as they put on their “floaties”. What I didn’t know then was…

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  • Celebrate more to create lasting change

    This time of year is really special for me – we’re thankful for things that went well, reflective on our experiences and remembering those that we miss. It got me thinking about our intentions – shouldn’t we also be celebrating the intentions that we worked on and the ones that we learned from? After all,…

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  • What does our irrationality teach us

    As I read Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, I found his ideas not only enlightening to understand my own predictable irrationality but also to think through ideas on motivation and change management for our teams. 1️⃣ Context matters – we find it hard to understand things in absolute terms so explain value in relative terms…

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