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  • Being Intentional Starts with YOU!

    The foundations of Purpose, Motivation, Mastery, Joy

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  • Can 80/20 be a good system? Part 1

    So now we’ve identified a solid, motivational intention that puts us in the driver’s seat. We’ve set some good goals and we have seen that having a good system can help us sustain good habits that help us make progress towards our intention. But, how can we connect the dots from the goal to the…

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  • The value of good systems – for self and team (and business)

    Intentions and goals supply the fuel to do something great. On the other hand, systems and habits help us solidify this change and get more efficient over time. If you want to observe something really cool about yourself, pay attention to a habit you have or a system you’ve created. Can be a good or…

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  • Making strategic personal choices – think different

    When you hear the phrase “strategic choices”, it’s natural to think it’s related to a business and not a personal situation. However, you and I make strategic personal choices too! For example: “Should I get that degree or stick with my current job”. Sometimes it’s a variant of this question where the latter choice is…

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