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  • Being Intentional Starts with YOU!

    The foundations of Purpose, Motivation, Mastery, Joy

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  • What’s the difference between a goal and an intention?

    If you’ve read my post on the importance of goals, you’re probably wondering, so what’s the difference between goals and intentions. You are right to ponder this and they will share some similarities but one important distinction is that intentions can be boundless and goals help us build waypoints to measure our progress through them.…

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  • The purpose of a goal – the good and the bad

    Before we get into goals, we need to be aware of our intentions. You can read my post on The power of intention Our intentions can help us be mindful about what’s important to us and, done well, be aware as we flow through them to adjust, change, adapt. Intentions, by design, are meant to…

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  • The Power of Intention

    The CV19 pandemic re-introduced me to jogging as a physical activity. I literally went from almost nothing miles to 433 miles in 2020 and then onto 1665 miles in 2021. In fact, I think I ran close to 500 miles bare feet within my apartment in 2021 – no, not on a treadmill, just back…

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